Why you should buy a custom tuxedo instead of renting

Why you should buy a custom tuxedo instead of renting

Violet LiDecember 20, 2019

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to R.Prince, today we will discuss whether it is better for us to buy a custom tuxedo instead of renting.

As we know, wearing a tuxedo is necessary and important for us, especially to attend a wedding, a business party, and a banquet.

In my opinion to own a custom tuxedo should be every gentleman's ultimate dream. We need to reserve a custom tuxedo for some of the most special events of our life, for a wedding, New Year's eve and other memorable moments.

Someone will ask a tuxedo is special and seldom to wear, why we should buy a custom tuxedo instead of renting. In brief, excellent quality and good look.

 We will compare the rented tuxedo with a custom tuxedo in some aspects.

 1.The Price Between Custom Tuxedo and Rented Tuxedo

 High quality rented tuxedos are more expensive than you think. Do your research and you will find out fast how much money you will lose.

 The above tuxedo from our online shop R.Prince takes $199. The black tuxedo with shawl lapel and the flap of the lower pocket with silk splicing, make the tuxedo different from the common one. You will be the most attractive person, wearing the tuxedo with a black bow tie.

In addition, about a custom suit with shawl lapel, by our online shop, you only need to spend around $300 to get fitted and stylish one.

Note: The Black Tuxedo from R.Prince

Black Suits with Shawl Lapel




 2. Perfect Fit

In fact, it will waste your much time to find a fitted and good look tuxedo among these rented tuxedoes.

Sometimes, the styles of rented tuxedo in offline stores can not be updated timely. It is difficult for you to find a modern and unique one, in this case, you will wear a tuxedo in the same style as your friend. It is embarrassing.

What's worse, if you wear an oversize or ill-fitting tuxedo, to attend an important business meeting or banquet, which will make you uncomfortable.

That's the reason why you need to make your own custom suit or made to measure tuxedo, not only to buy a fit and stylish tuxedo but also to make you more confident and elegant.

Here are the new designs of R.Prince tuxedo.

You will find your favorite in our online store.

White Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo with Swarovski Crystal


Grey Stylish Leisure Tuxedo





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