How to Choose Your Pocket Square and Tie

How to Choose Your Pocket Square and Tie

Violet LiDecember 10, 2019

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to our online custom suits shop R.Prince, today let's talk about the essential accessory of the suit, the pocket square. 

How do you think the role of pocket square plays in suits?

Normally, most people will ignore the pocket square and pay more attention to tie.

But in fact, the pocket square is an important element in our suits, and it will play different roles in different occasions.

As we know, the majority of suits are formal and boring. If you can match a suitable and high-end pocket square, which will break the traditional impression of formal suits, and show your taste and style.

 Here are some suggestions about how to choose your pocket square.

1.The Color of The Pocket Square

It is better for you to choose a different color of pocket square and tie. Although it is safe for you to choose the same color, at the same time, showing a lack of taste.

We are going to give some ideas about the color of the pocket square.

Let's look at the color wheel at first. Here are 12 kinds of color.

custom suit tailored suit woolen suit men suit men shirt pocket square tie

(1) The Contrasting Color Style 

If you are a fashionista, you can try showing your bold idea of fashion and matching. According to the above color wheel, if you choose a red tie, you can wear a blue pocket square or yellow tie matching violet pocket square, to achieve the contrasting effect.

r.prince men suit men shirt custom overcoat tie bow tie woolen suit custom suitr.prince custom suit custom blazer custom jacket custom overcoat yellow tie violet pocket square

 (2) The Similar Color Style

If you are not good at matching color, you can choose a tie and pocket square in a similar color instead of the same color, which will also improve your style as a whole.

For example, you can choose a light blue pocket square to match a deep blue tie. Or you can choose a yellow pocket square to match the green tie.

men suit men blazer woolen suits custom overcoat r.prince tie pocket square fitted suits

r.prince custom suit custom blazer custom overcoat men shirt men suit woolen overcoat

(3) The Solid Plain Color Tie Match with Colorful Pocket Square

In our daily life, we will wear a black, grey, and navy blue tie to attend an important meeting and occasion.

In this case, we can consider choosing a colorful pocket square to match the tie,

which can make you more stylish and attractive.

khaki tie colorful pocket square custom suit custom shirt woolen suits woolen blazer bespoke suits

 black tie colorful pocket square custom men suit custom men blazer custom shirt  

(4) The Pattern and Stripe Tie with Solid Plain Pocket Square

 You can choose a solid plain pocket square if you don't want to spend your much time to select a suitable one when you wearing it.

 You can use the pattern and striped tie with a similar color as a pocket square, in this case, you will make a good impression on any important occasion.

men suit custom suit striped tie blue pocket square men shirt custom suits custom overcoat

made to measure suits custom suits custom shirt custom overcoat men overcoat

Do you have a clear idea about how to choose your tie and pocket square?

Come on, have a look at our R.Prince online shop, to buy your favorite pocket square from here.

We have the various pocket square and tie, you can find the best one.

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