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An Officer grade or CEO position - it’s a journey of hard work from that corner table in the office to the personal cabin - to achieves this position a person often spend many years with one career goal in their life. After winning that promotion, you represent the company everywhere – with the up gradation in personality the wardrobe up gradation is important as well. So, it would seem highly unlikely that a person about to take up the stewardship of a company would have anything less than that like a sound sartorial wit of a professional suit wearer.



Now is the time to take a little more careful about your daily attire, ignore the small brand ready-made outfits in your mind, and invest in the best-tailored finery according to your new pay grade can afford. Now you need to create an image of a successful businessman that exudes confidence, and nothing does that better than high-quality custom-made fits.

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If it's a business casual day in the office, then go for MTM clothing, polo t-shirts, and a casual style blazer paired up with formal pants. Allow the customized sneakers to grace your outfit, and try to maintain the dignity of your designation. You should always aim to dress a level above your staff, this sets a subconscious boundary between you and your employees ensuring both you and they are at all times aware of your respective positions within the company hierarchy. Choose a wise tailored made outfits to stand out in front of the office staff.

It's perfect if you wish to be that cool CEO or boss, with whom everyone finds comfort while talking. At times keeping the distance is the cornerstone of a healthy working ambiance.



Grading up clothing above your staff is quite adequate, you should also try to do dressing up more often harmonizing with your other competitors, top-level executives, and board members. Outshine your personality by choosing custom made unique apparel will give you an air of confidence in the boardroom and with this, your efforts will also shine.


Upgrading your wardrobe doesn't mean always you need to spend on new clothes. A suit is an apparel that can last with your life if you take proper care of your current suits closet. Your old suits can come completely in a new version of it, it's just a matter of grooming it at the right place in terms of style, then perhaps the difference between old and new is minimalized.

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Styling hacks on finer details of garments through which you can achieve that upgraded or new version look of your suit.

Vents – Vents are given for ease. It can be a single vent or double vents. Usually, the single vent is provided, then why not opt for double vents which offer a slightly more contemporary look.

Lapels  Notched lapels are commonly there on suits. Pick up peaked lapel mark a difference in the suit. The variation in peak lapels such as the length of the lapel and that can completely change the look of your suit.

Lining – Mostly the dark colors linings are used in suits. But now as the CEO or officer level, you can afford to choose a classic power of light colors or printed lining, this can be a personalized touch and will look incredible.
Such minor modifications can completely create unique and personalized attire, but don’t stop here, there many more modifications that can enhance your look.

Ties – Tie is one of the important accessories in formal attire. Of course, everyone has a handful of ties collection in their wardrobe for office wear and any occasions. But the choice of tie matters, for a decent look, lighted printed or light color ties go with dark color suits, and for light or pastel shade suit tie can be either you can go for the same color with light printed pattern tie of some bright color tie. As the color and pattern choice of the tie is important choosing an appropriate knot also matters. and tie. Try to master many knots and know when to use them. You can refer our instrgram account or facebook account.

Pocket square – pocket squares are little pieces of fabric but can create a great impact on entire attire. The styling of the pocket square is depending on the fold and color, can lend an air of authority or even creativity. So, to provide a visual allure to your attire makes a wise choice of this small piece of fabric and it's folded, our blog "styling of pocket squares with R.Prince" might be helpful to you.

Cufflinks – Cufflinks are another tiny accessory that can enhance the charm of your attire. If you are don't have enough cufflinks in your closet then add some beautiful edition of it, because few pairs that are subtle in design. A pair of cufflinks add on the class to your ensemble and they are most certainly an upgrade on regular buttons.

Lapel Pins & Tie pins  –  Lapel and Tie pins can adore your suit in a little distinct way. The choice of these clasps can enrich your regular formal look adds grace to it. So, the modest choice of these tiny accessories can mark a difference in your daily look.

Achievement of the new position is one where your colleagues, employees, friends, and even family members will now look up to you. Also at times, you will be representing your company. When people look up to you and you need to represent your organization, they expect to feel inspired and positive vibe by what they see.
An up-gradation of your wardrobe is foremost need once after you earned incredible promotion, as your attire or wardrobe is a representative part of your personality and that matters a lot.

For your wardrobe up-gradation, if you need guidance you can anytime refer to our previous blog and check out our suits and accessories catalogs. Stay stylish with R.Prince. 

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