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Achieving an interview opportunity of your dream job in the corporate world is itself reason enough for celebration in this highly competitive world.

While you may feel extremely confident about your skills and aptitude, have you ever given any thought to what you’re going to wear? If yes, we have come up with some amazing styling tips on formal clothing in this article, with your idea of wearing clothes try our styling tips to crack the first impression in your interview. If no and confused or don't know how to dress up for an interview, then also no worries take a view on this but don't take chance, after all, it's your career.



It does not matter if you are a fresh graduate out of business school or a veteran in this professional when taking a step up the career ladder, in an interview first impressions always count.

They say an interviewer makes up their 50% mind about a candidate within five minutes of them walking through the door. Here, they make a decision so fast on the basis of the candidate's personality, you’ve got to accept the fact that dressing plays a vital role in this process.

When the competition for the position is too tight and many candidates ace the interview, then an interviewer may be looking for reasons NOT to hire you. Avoid such circumstances to happen. Don't let your creased shirt or scuffed shoes or odd color combination be the reason for it.


Other industries may have a casual approach towards the dress code, the world of corporate is all about portraying a professional, and businesslike appearance is important. You will wear a suit for your interview that's for sure, but there’s still room for styling too, which you can pick suitable advice from this article as per your comfort level. Because comfortable clothing is key to carrying a dress confidently. And the comfortable dressing is a key to impressive personality.


The foremost essential part of the formal attire to create impression is the suit. Wool, wool plus polyester blend, viscose, polyester, silk blend is the ideal choices of fabric for your suit. Wools are not only for the winter option, wool is actually perfect for hot weather as it has a property of highly breathable. It also drapes very well on the body and genuinely looks better than other suit fabrics.

busineness suit, men's suit,

Then comes the choice of colors. For the interviews prefer solid dark shades such as navy blue, charcoal grey, dark olive green, shades of brown and if you want go for light colors then colors like ash grey. As your aim is to appear professional and stylish yet not too flamboyant. So avoid the pinstripes or checks at home until you’ve established yourself in the office.

The inseparable part of fashion styling is fit. The fit is just as important after color and fabric. An in appropriate fitting suit looks like as it is borrowed from someone or rented one and gives an interviewer the impression that you haven’t taken this potential role of dressing up for interview very seriously. Evade use of rented and borrowed suits, get a proper fitted suit or tailored made suit. Don’t know from where to shop custom made ones, we are here at your, find your fit and suitable suit for interview at our website https://onlinecustomsuits.com/. You find the best possible designs and also you get it customized as per your requirements.



The choice of the shirt plays second important role into this formal attire. The choice of 100% cotton shirt will be a good choice as they are most comfortable, especially if you break into a cold sweat due to nervousness. Cotton is good absorbent and has naturally quick drying property. But cotton tends to wrinkled soon so it is suggested that blend of cotton polyester shirts doesn’t wrinkle soon.

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Though shirts are tucked in and some part of it is only visible but still the choice color matters. The plain white, off white is an ideal choice. Apart from these the plain tints of colors such as, pale yellow, sky blue, light pink, light ash grey gives decent look. However, if you want something a little different, then go for the light color pinstriped shirts such as light pink, pale blue and white fine pinstriped.

Unlike the suit, it should also fit perfectly. The collar shouldn’t be too big or noticeable, and there should be no more than half an inch of cuff showing from under your suit sleeves. 



Tie in the whole attire, plays a important role it's like a cherry on the cake. For the finishing touch the choice of tie should be classy. A solid bright colors such as red or blue is a bet safe, but if you want to go with a patterned tie, then a pinstriped or dotted textured or some small printed pattern is fine. Just make sure that it is not too gaudy.

ties, plain tie



The belt is ideally used for proper fitting of pants but when it comes to dressing up properly then belt also plays its minute role. It should be leather and of plain color or patterned so subtle that no-one even notices it. Ideally, your belt should match with your shoe colour, but this is not essential. But for a decent look same color belt and shoe goes well.

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Here, in the case of shoes you will have to come out from your comfort zone of sneakers, square shaped shoes and all. You should wear a brogue or wingtip in either black or brown depending on your choice of suit. Choose the color of show wisely or else this will ruin the professional look which you are trying to achieve.

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Yes, you heard right, you really should think about your socks. You will spend the majority of the interview sitting down, and we don’t want any leg showing to ruin your professional look so make sure those socks are at least halfway up your calf. Traditionally people will match their pair of sock to their shoe, but we suggest you to match it to the trousers.


The pockets square is a tiny part of entire look. A plain color pocket square in a neat presidential fold is a nice touch. Mostly, select the matching color of your tie. If you don’t know how to do presidential fold and need more guidance to choose it check out this blog https://onlinecustomsuits.com/blogs/news/styling-of-pocket-squares-with-r-prince

pocket square, plain pocket square

 If you are wearing a watch, make it simple and of course, classy. It should be a dress watch, though, as sports watches are a definite no.

A little advice kindly make sure that everything required for this look you bought is cleaned, and pressed well in advance and have everything ready before going to the bed at night. Because preparing this things well in advance will save you from last minute hassle.

Now that you have one less thing to worry about you can focus your energies on researching the company and preparing your answers for the questions you are sure will pop up. Above all this, be yourself and confident. All the best!!


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