5 Suit Mistakes MOST Men Make!

5 Suit Mistakes MOST Men Make!

KutesmartJanuary 01, 2020

There’s nothing better than wearing an incredible suit that’s tailored and makes you feel sexy.

And today, with R.Prince Suits as examples, — we will go over the biggest mistakes most guys make in regard their suits.

Top 5 Suit Mistakes + Fixes

  1. Wearing the wrong size suit — shop at a place like R.Prince who are trained to fit you properly in your new suit. They understand how your suit should fit you. Also size down which will require less tailoring.r.prince custom suits, tailored suits, suits

         So, no worries, you can get the measurement tutorial free here in R.Prince:      https://onlinecustomsuits.com/blogs/how-to/body-measure-tutorial


2. Not getting your suit tailored properly — a common area neglected is the pants. They simply can’t be hemmed because proportions are not proper.

men's pant, r.prince suits

3. Not matching properly — you need to coordinate colors and patterns. Your outfit should never be louder than your personality — pick two or three colors then tone it down.

4. Not removing the sleeve and vent stitching — the front pocket stitch will also need to be removed for a pocket square. You can also remove the pocket stitches.

suits vent, vent stitching

5. Getting ripped off! — he quality, details, and fabric are next level. You should not spend thousands as you’re just paying for the mark-up. R.Prince spoils it’s customers — not only they have suits but they also have premium clothing. We will spoil you.

*BONUS TIP — a suit mistake men make is that they don’t wear their suits enough — wear them more! Try experimenting and stepping outside of the box. Use your suit — break it up and have fun!

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