About Us



Kutesmart is a world-leading Made To Measure manufacturer.
We provide premium apparel solutions for our customers to build a profitable business with a custom assortment tailored to their end-consumers.
With 3000 Employees, 25 years of experience, we produce the top-notch quality of various category made-to-measure products within 7 business days.




We provide full caters of solutions in the fields of marketing and sales to multiple types of business.

  • Online measuring app: Easy to conduct professional body measurement.
  • CAD automatic design and plate making system: Advanced data-driven design and plate making system that processing design plate fast and accurate.
  • Premium product quality: China’s first intelligent apparel automatic production line, massive production volume.
  • MTO/MTM/RTW: Different ordering modes for different needs.
  • Zero stock: Sales before production, environmentally friendly.
  • Traceable orders and customers: Cloud-based customer management tool deliver a superb customer experience.