Leather Shoes and Velvet Shoes from R.Prince

Leather Shoes and Velvet Shoes from R.Prince

Violet LiDecember 07, 2019

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to R.Prince. Today we will introduce some fashion shoes.

1.Burgundy Leather Shoes for Men

The shoes are made of Italian calfskin, its appearance is soft and smooth.

The feature of calfskin is not easy to deform. But we need to keep the calfskin shoes away from water and humid environment, avoiding growing moldy.

leather shoes burgundy shoes men shoes



Normally, you can use the shoe cream to care for calfskin shoes.

2. Mixed Color Formal Business Men Shoes

This pair of mixed color shoes are made of Italian calfskin.

The shoes were decorated with lace, stylish and unique.

men shoes leather shoes custom shoes mix color shoes fashion shoes

You can wear it to match a casual jacket and tuxedo, even formal business suits,

which will make you be a fashion plate.

3.Black Oxford Shoes

Black shoes play an eternal role in fashion, it is the must-have in your shoe closet.No matter what occasion you will attend, a wedding or an important meeting, wearing a pair of black shoes is proper.

The black shoes from R.Prince are made of Oxford, compared with other common leather shoes, which will be more comfortable and soft.

black shoes men shoes leather shoes custom suit men wear men fashion


4.Brownish Red Men's Shoes 

This pair of brownish-red men shoes are made of calfskin, the outsole material is rubber. It wasn't sagging and lose shape after wearing it for a long time.

You can get its high-end quality and fine workship through excellent details.

men shoes leather shoes oxford shoes burgundy shoes custom shoes

5.Navy Blue Velvet Men Shoes

This pair of men shoes are made of the soft texture of velvet, you can wear it match leisure blazer or ankle style pants. The velvet is breathable and elastic.

The navy blue is a well-matching color, you can wear it to match all style suits.

navy blue men shoes velvet men shoes blue velvet men shoes custom suits custom made suits

6.Yellow Velvet Casual Shoes

The color of velvet casual shoes is bright, you can wear it to match the leather jacket or check suits, showing the retro trend and classic style.

You need to use a soft brush to clean it. It is better for you not to wear it in the rainy weather.

yellow velvet men shoes custom men shoes bespoke suits casual blazer check blazer




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